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Super Charge
Tired of the inconsistency in your sales process and sales activities?  What if you could build a sales playbook that could replicate great results no matter who you have selling for you?

Join us for this six week workshop series that will build a sales process and sales approach that is specific to your market and focused on your target clients.

Participants will leave with:
  • 13 customized sales tools.
  • 4 sales rules.
  • A decision support system that will keep you focused on driving sales.
  • A sales manual specific to your market and your efforts.
Who should attend:
  • Any individual or organization that does not have a defined sales approach. 
  • Sales Managers that need to align their team and deliver consistent results.
  • Business Owners that needs to develop their own sales playbook.
  • Sales teams that operate as individuals without a standard sales process.
Choose from the dates and below to register and registration is limited to the first 10 attendees per workshop.  ​


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