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Turbo Charge - Driving your sales funnel metrics faster

NEXT DATE - May 18th 1-4PM 700 W Virginia St. Suite 602 Milwaukee, WI

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Workshop description:
​Tired of not making your sales goal and hoping things will change?  Remember, "hope" is not strategic!

Join us to learn the four sales rules and the four sales tools that have been built through five years of working with successful companies and sales professionals from every industry and market size in MKE and SE Wisconsin.

Participants will leave with:
  • A qualified target list that will increase the value of your sales funnel and decrease the sales cycle.
  • A calculator to identify what opportunities you should run away from.
  • A decision support system to increase the time to sell.
  • A 30-60-90 day sales kick-start plan specific to your industry and your target market.
Who should attend:
  • Any individuals responsible for business development.
  • Sales managers that need their team to produce.
  • Business owners that need their sales to grow fast.
  • Start ups that want to grow past their early adopting customers.
Choose from the dates and times above to increase the value, the volume, and the velocity of your sales funnel and set yourself up for future success. 

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Turbocharge can be customized for any organization.  Contact us through the form below to schedule a date and time that works for your team.


​"This workshop reinforced some good ideas and practices and introduced some great new ones . This will help me get back to focusing on what's important to build my sales" - Workshop Participant 10/13/15

​"The 4 rules really help me understand what we need to do less of and the tools will help me focus on the 1% activity that I need to fill my sales funnel" - Workshop Participant 11/3/15

"These are pragmatic tools and rules that I can apply to other development efforts as well as my own sales efforts" - Workshop Participant 4/26/16